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Ditch Gas, Go Solar

DELTA 2 Max Solar Generator

Ditch Gas, Go Solar

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Ditch Gas, Go Solar


DELTA 2 Max Bag*

DELTA 2 Max Bag*

*Protects your DELTA 2 Max from water, dust and damage while on the move.

Get a FREE DELTA 2 Max Bag
Worth $109 CAD

when you buy a DELTA 2 Max (and its bundles) before 12th June.

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Long-Lasting LFP battery
Solar Input
1000W Max
Solar Input 1000W Max
MPPT Efficiency 99%
Peaceful Charging As quiet as
No fumes. No noise. No maintenance.
Customized In-app
Energy Management
Customized In-app Energy Management
Up to 6kWh
Expandable Capacity
Plug-and-play home
power solution
Plug-and-play home power solution
Industry's Lightest
2400W LFP Solar Generator
World's Fastest
Recharging Speeds
World's Fastest Recharging Speeds
Power 99% of
Power 99% of Appliances
2048Wh | Up to 3400W

No fumes. No noise. No maintenance.

Solar generators don't burn fossil fuel, so with zero emissions or fumes, they're a clean, eco-friendly replacement for gas generators.
Run 99% of Appliances with X-Boost.
Power pretty much anything with up to 3400W Output
DELTA Max powers almost all the devices you need with a large 2400W AC output. Plus, with X-Boost proprietary technology, run appliances with an output of up to 3400W. Compared with other power stations, DELTA 2 Max can power more devices, while still preventing overloading and overheating.
Power pretty much
anything with
up to 3400W Output
X-Boost Mode up to 3400W
Safe and Stable Battery Chemistry
Run Even More Heavy-Duty Appliances
Power through outages
Plug-and-play home back up power solution.
Power your essential appliances with a hefty 2400W AC output by connecting DELTA 2 Max (2kWh) and up to two Smart Extra Batteries (6kWh) with your home's transfer switch for partial home backup. With a plug-and-play design, it's easier than ever to prepare for blackouts.
Home Backup Soluion
Huge AC output
Connect up to 2 EcoFlow Smart Extra Batteries

2048Wh Capacity

Power for the entire family.

2048Wh Capacity
WiFi Router
Washing Machine
2048Wh Capacity
Portable Fridge
Hair Dryer
Coffee Maker
Electric grill
2048Wh Capacity
Circular Saw
Electric Hammer
Cutting Machine
Welding Machine
2048Wh Capacity

A generous 2048Wh capacity makes DELTA 2 Max ideal for home backup, running your essentials for hours. Using your transfer switch, or plugged in directly, keep your fridge on and stop food from spoiling for up to 14 hours. With its lightweight design, DELTA 2 Max is portable enough to grab and go on the next camping trip.

*Data based on a 120W referigerator.

Tripple the Power
Expandable up to 6kWh
Expandable up to 6kWh
Take DELTA 2 Max with you anywhere as a solo unit or connect it with two Extra Batteries for up to 6kWh of home backup.
DELTA 2 Max + 1 × Extra Battery
DELTA 2 Max + 2 × Extra Battery
As Quiet as 30 dB
Peaceful charging.
At only 30 dB, DELTA 2 Max is quieter than other 2kWh power stations on the market.
than gas generators
than other power stations
Peaceful charging.
*From a distance of approximately 20 in., noise level is 30 dB (with low input and 500W output) vs. other power stations with 55 dB or higher.
Fuel Up 80% in Only 43 Mins*
The world's fastest 43 minute AC+solar recharge
With DELTA 2 Max's upgraded tech, combine up to 1000W solar input with AC for world-leading charging speeds. In only 43 min get an 80% charge. Or stick with AC for an 80% charge in a speedy 1.1 hour.
The world's fastest 43 minute AC+solar recharge
*When combined AC and solar input is 2400W using 1800W AC input and a maximum of 600W solar input. In only 43 min get an 80% charge.
Dual Solar Input System with Independent MPPT Technology
Maximize solar generation by harnessing multiple PV sources
Maximize the potential of solar energy by simultaneously utilizing multiple photovoltaic (PV) sources with our innovative dual solar input design, each with its independent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. Enjoy a seamless integration of solar power into your home or business whether you have multiple solar panels or a combination of rooftop and ground-mounted installations, making the most of every ray of sunshine. voltage and current in real time to give you optimum solar generation throughout the day, even during cold and cloudy days.
Up to
Solar Input Fully Powered in Just
2.3 Hours
With a solar input of 1000W, fully recharged in 2.3 hours by connect up to 2 EcoFlow 400W Portable Solar Panels or 4 sets of 220W Bifacial Solar Panels.
Solar Charging Times
MPPT Efficiency
1000W Approx. 2.3 hours
880W Approx. 2.6 hours
800W Approx. 2.8 hours
EcoFlow Power Stations
Other Brands

Fully charge with a 2.6 hour drive

Charge while you drive with the industry's first alternator charger innovation. With 800W turbo alternator, top up your energy storage 8 times faster than using a traditional car 12V outlet. Recharge 1kWh in only 1.3 hours. It's not just a faster charger, it maintains your battery health and works as a jump starter.

<big>1.3 hours</big>to charge 1kWh

1.3 hoursto charge 1kWh

Turbocharge Alternator <big>800W</big>

Turbocharge Alternator 800W

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

8× Faster

8× Faster

EcoFlow Alternator Charger: 1.3 hr

Traditional 12V Car Outlets: 10 hr+

*Comparison of time needed to fully charge 1kWh



Fast Charger, Maintainer, and Jump Starter

App Smart Control

App Smart Control

Durable, Safe, Lightweight

10-year long-lasting LFP battery

With its upgraded LFP battery chemistry, DELTA 2 Max has a lifespan of 3000 complete cycles until it reduces to 80% capacity. You'll get pretty much 10 years of power, even if you use it every day. That's 6× longer than other power stations with a similar capacity and output.

10-year long-lasting
LFP battery
LFP Battery Chemistry
That's 6× longer than other power stations with a similar capacity and output.
Power pretty much
anything with
up to 3400W Output
LFP 6 × More Battery Cycles
Battery Cycles
Shorter Lifespan
Battery Cycles
Advanced BMS Protection
A built-in battery management system regulates vitals, including voltage, current, and temperature, keeping DELTA 2 Max safe, secure, and built to stand the test of time.
Advanced BMS
Protective Layers Inside and Out
Protective Layers Inside and Out
With LFP cells, DELTA 2 Max is safe, durable, and highly efficient.
Protective Layers Inside and Out
A rubber anti-slip base and a highly- rated UL94-5VA fire-resistant casing offer multiple layers of protection.
Robust Design
Robust Design
Made with a sturdy one-piece design, DELTA 2 Max is designed for the rough and tumble of portability. Each port is reinforced, protecting them against wear and tear.
Industry's Lightest 2400W LFP Solar Generator
Even with its upgraded LFP battery, DELTA 2 Max is still 30% lighter than similar 2kWh LFP power stations on the market.
*Weight 23kg
Industry's Lightest
2400W LFP Solar Generator

Stay in Charge with Smart Power

Monitor, control, and customize your power usage intelligently with the EcoFlow app.

EcoFlow app


Real-time energy insights on the go.

View battery status live anytime, anywhere.

EcoFlow app


Control even from afar.

Easily turn on/off output and the connected appliances remotely.

EcoFlow app

Constant Updates

Constant updates for optimal user experience.

Regular upgrades to offer you industry-leading energy management.


Save more on electricity bills.

Optimize your home's energy use and reduce energy bills by smartly leveraging power from the sun, grid, and batteries during peak and off-peak hours.

EcoFlow app

Stay calm and powered on.

When the power's down, AC Always-On ensures a seamless transition from the grid to backup power and unwavering protection of your fridge and other mission-critical appliances.

EcoFlow app

Elevated battery lifespan and safety.

By tuning the charging speed to suit various charging environments, it's safe to use, preventing overloading and prolonging its lifespan.

EcoFlow app

Download the EcoFlow app

EcoFlow app
EcoFlow app
One-stop peace of mind.
Extensive 5-Year Warranty
With one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, we go the extra mile to give you peace of mind.
Up and Running in One Minute
Up and Running in One Minute
With a portable solar panel, simply unfold, stand, and plug in to start capturing solar.
Expand, Store and Power
Part of an ever-growing ecosystem.
DELTA 2 Max is just the start. Link with a wide variety of EcoFlow products such as portable solar panels, the Wave portable air conditioner, the GLACIER portable fridge, extra batteries, the smart generator and so much more. All to deliver a one-stop power solution for your family.
<20ms UPS Auto-Switch
Power Uninterrupted.
Experience seamless power continuity with EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max's updated 20 ms UPS feature. When a blackout hits, its swift auto-switch keeps your devices running, from your fridge to your CPAP, making outages barely noticeable.
What’s in the box
AC charging cable
Car charging cable
Dc5521 to Dc5525 Cable
User manual & warranty card

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