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Udo Reetz

Unsere Community genießt einen sehr guten Ruf, das haben mir mehrere Dutzend Mitglieder bestätigt, die EcoFlow am Stand besucht haben. Ich durfte auch viele, teilweise sehr persönliche Gespräche führen, nicht nur über Technik.


Wayne Keys

Really helpful group with the best admin team. so good we have the Aussie group. And its growing daily.


Kevin Lauzon

I have never experienced this level of collaboration and cooperation from any other Facebook Group. The admins in the group chime in frequently and the group moderators and members are always quick to assist users in any way they can.


Adam Horowitz

Most comments and questions are answered by not only phenomenal, expert EcoFlow team members, but also actual users. You've come to the right place if you need good advice to help you get the most out of your EcoFlow device(s)


Nathan Ornat

While ecoflow batteries are better at a lot of things than most batteries. I really think this community helps these batteries stand out more than the others.


Jérome Jemain

La page Ecoflow Francophone officiel est une mine d'or, on y trouve toutes les informations sur la gamme de produits Ecoflow et une communauté bienveillante avec beaucoup d'entraide.

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