EcoFlow PowerStream
Balcony Solar System

EcoFlow PowerStream Balcony Solar System

The World's 1st Balcony Solar System with a Portable Power Station

EcoFlow PowerStream

0% of energy wasted


Smart Control & Monitoring: Smart Plugs & EcoFlow App


Power for day and night


DIY Installation*

600W to



Solar Panel

Compatible with 100W Flexible Solar Panels × 8 / 400W Rigid Solar Panels × 2

PowerStream Microinverter

Up to 800W Solar Input Grid-Tied Hybrid Inverter

Portable Power Station

Compatible with all EcoFlow Portable Power Stations

Smart Plug

Real-time monitoring, control, and energy allocation

Choose Your Solution

0% VAT

Advanced Kit

2kWh Storage Kit

PowerStream Microinverter 400W rigid solar panel x2 DELTA Max 2000 EcoFlow Smart Plug x2 Super Flat Cable x2 Solar Extension Cable x2




0% VAT

Starter Kit

1kWh Storage Kit

PowerStream Microinverter 1024Wh Battery




0% VAT

No Storage Kit

PowerStream Microinverter 400W rigid solar panel x2 EcoFlow Smart Plug x2




Customise for Your Home

Capture, store, and use anytime

EcoFlow PowerSteam Balcony Solar System is a cost-efficient, sustainable home energy solution that combines solar panels, a portable power station, and a microinverter and powers your home at all times.

0% of energy wasted.

Lower Your Family's Annual Utility Costs by up to 1/3 This system stores all excess energy in a portable power station during the daytime and gives it back to you whenever you need it. With up to 1039kWh feeding into your home per year, you can save a maximum sum of 415€.[1] And your energy bill savings are 3.5 times[2] as much as that from using other home solar systems without batteries.


reduction in annual energy bills


the savings of other balcony solar systems without batteries


of energy is used

Power through the night.

EcoFlow Portable Power Station When you start peaking in your electricity demand in the evening, your home draws energy from the portable power station and keeps on saving. It helps you to be less reliant on the grid.

Back up your home in power cuts.

EcoFlow Portable Power Station When an outage hits, rest assured having not just your essential devices, but also energy-hogging ones like washing machines up and running.


Works with all EcoFlow Portable Power Stations

We have battery capacities ranging from 256Wh to 3.6kWh so you can choose the right one for your home.




3600W (Surge 7200W)

80%+ capacity after 3,500 cycles




2400W(Surge 4800W)

80%+ capacity after 3000 cycles


DELTA Max 2000


2400W (Surge 4600W)

80%+ capacity after 800 cycles




1800W (Surge 2700W)

80%+ capacity after 3000 cycles

*DELTA mini, and DELTA (1300), the car charging port is for streaming output into the microinverter, while the solar input port is for solar recharge. The car charging port is the only way for these portable power stations to connect with the microinverter. Due to the limitation of the car charging port, these power stations are subject to an output limit of 100W.

Power smart. Save smart.

Smart Home Energy System with the Smart Plugs & EcoFlow App

EcoFlow Smart Plug is a compact Wi-Fi socket that provides energy monitoring and smart control of lights, heaters, and other electric appliances of up to 2500W (10A).

Real-time monitoring.

Track the solar energy captured and the money saved while getting a clear picture of your energy usage.


Remote control of appliances.

Turn on or off the connected devices with a click on the app. And you can schedule them to auto-start working on chores even when you're not at home.


Automatic energy allocation.

Smart Plugs monitor appliances' energy consumption in real time, so the microinverter can allocate just the right amount of electricity to each appliance, and the surplus to a portable power station. During peak hours, it prioritises home use. And most of the energy gets stored in off-peak times.


Voice control.

Matter Smart Home Protocal

EcoFlow Smart Plugs can integrate with Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung and other Matter-compliant smart home systems. Simply put, you can use voice commands to control all connected devices.

Blends into your home

Lightweight. Compact. Stylish.


Pack this power & hit the road.

Yearning for off-grid power for a camping trip or motorhome travel? Unplug and take the portable power station with you.

No drilling.

We designed this Super Flat Cable to sweep away all barriers to an easy installation. With this cable, connect solar panels to the microinverter inside your home without drilling through a wall.


Fits into balconies and beyond.

Choose the One for Your Home


100W and 400W Rigid Solar Panels available to meet your needs. Set them up on your balcony with the Hook Kit and pair these panels with our Single Axis Solar Tracker to capture 60% more solar power.

Terrace / Garden

With an IP68 waterproof rating and a robust anti-corrosive aluminum frame, these solar panels are durable, long-lasting, and weatherproof. As for installation, adjustable Mount Brackets are ideal for boosting sunlight collection in these two spaces.



Plug-and-play, space-saving and tenant-friendly. This system moves with you to every stage of your life. It's also worth noting that the 100W Flexible Solar Panel in the 1kWh Storage Kit comes with strong nylon cable ties for you to reinforce the fixture.

More Benefit for You

Quick and Easy Registration

PowerStream Microinverter: 10-Year Warranty



Solar Panels

High-Standard Product Safety and Compliance

Lower Carbon Footprint

Recognised in the press

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The battery makes the balcony power station more efficient and the system suitable for camping holidays or power outages.


EcoFlow is now going one step further. The expert in smart energy storage has unveiled what it calls its Powerstream.


They offer significantly more flexibility than the previous balcony power plants of the competitors. It would be a real revolution in the field of balcony power plants.


1/3 is obtained based on the average amount of electricity consumption per household as 3113kWh, and the maximum amount of electricity provided by the PowerStream Balcony Solar System as 1039kWh. 415€ is obtained based on the electricity price of 0.4€/kWh and the maximum amount of electricity provided by the PowerStream Balcony Solar System as 1039kWh. Source:


3.5x is obtained based on the maximum amount of electricity provided by the PowerStream Balcony Solar System as 1039kWh, and the one provided by a home solar system without batteries as 292kWh.