Member's Festival 2024 Timeline

  • 2–8 April

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  • 8–22 April

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Celebrating Two Fantastic Years of our EcoFlow Membership Program!
This year marks our second anniversary, and we're thrilled to announce that our EcoCredits membership program has surpassed 1 million users.
EcoFlow believes every individual is unique, deserving of recognition and care. We don't just focus on the masses but on each person's distinct needs and dreams.
Our products empower users to overcome challenges contribute to a greener planet, enhance travel experiences, and bring joy to outdoor activities. It's the collective fulfillment of these personal aspirations that empowers us to envision and shape a new world.
Together, we're not just harnessing energy; we're realizing the dreams of each user. Small wishes and modest power, when united, can create impactful changes, much like rivers joining to form oceans.
You are one among millions, playing a pivotal role in this transformative journey. Where wilI your contribution lead us next?
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Review Your EcoFlow Power Journey with a Million Moments of Gratitude
Let's reminisce about the moments we've shared and the journeys we've taken together. Each shared adventure is worth cherishing, so share your story for a chance to win a gift package.
Let's make this milestone even more memorable!
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Let's Spread Sustainable Energy Solutions and Find the Next Million Users Together!
Every share deserves to be rewarded! With every successful referral, you'll get 6% of the order value in cash! Plus, the top referrer will also get an EcoFlow DELTA MAX!

Be part of the change and start referring friends and family now.

Share EcoFlow with your friends and family, and for every new member added, there's a potential to save even more. For every 1kWh of electricity generated from fossil fuels, approximately 390 g of carbon emissions are produced. Our one million members collectively generate approximately 836,395 kWh of electricity through clean energy solutions, saving as much as 326,194 kg carbon emissions. That's 0.33 kg each. Together, we're having a significant impact on promoting a cleaner and more sustainable future.

0 Referrals 0 kg CO2

100 Referrals 32.6 kg CO2

500 Referrals 163 kg CO2

1000 Referrals 326 kg CO2

Enjoy EcoCredits Updates in 2024! Ultimate Benefits Just for You.

The EcoCredits program is dedicated to providing members with ultimate benefits and reliable services, bringing you closer to easy, flexible energy solutions.

Ultimate Benefits

Ultimate Benefits

Earn EcoCredits and exchange for exclusive rewards every time you shop

- Use EcoCredits to directly offset cash. - Exclusive discounts - Refer friends and get cash rewards - $1 spent = 1 EcoCredit, redeem EcoCredits for coupons and gifts

Reliable Services

Reliable Services

Quality shopping experience

- Warranty registration - 24/7 chat and email support - Trade-in program

Flexible Energy Future

Flexible Energy Future

Be the first to get EcoFlow news and product information

- Access to new products - Offline events - Community discussions

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Campaign Period

1. The Preheat of the "EcoCredits Day 2024" campaign ("Campaign") is organised by EcoFlow and hosted on the EcoFlow website, This Campaign will commence on 02 April 2024, at 1 PM (AEDT) and conclude on 22 April 2024, at 11 PM (AEST) ("Campaign Period"). EcoFlow reserves the right to shorten or extend the Campaign Period at its sole discretion without prior notice.

Participant Eligibility

1. This Campaign is open to all registered EcoFlow website ID users (, who are citizens of Australia and aged 18 years old and above as of 02 April 2024, at 1 PM (AEDT) (“Participant(s)”).

Campaign Mechanism

1. Participants will be eligible for the Campaign by registering their email address via the designated link (LP URL) on the EcoFlow website ( or logging in with a valid EcoFlow ID using the designated link (LP URL) during the Campaign Period.

2. Review Your EcoFlow Power Journey with a Million Moments of Gratitude: share your story for a chance to win a gift package!

3. A gift package will be unlocked in the user journey review. The details of the gift boxes are as follows:

1. For new user

1. Prize 1: 800 EcoCredits

2. Prize 2: $150 OFF Coupon

2. For old user

1. Prize 1: 500 EcoCredits

2. Prize 2: $60 OFF Coupon

4. All winners will be notified via their registered email. Participants must ensure that their registered details are up-to-date, accurate, complete, and truthful in all respects.

5. Refer your friends and spread Sustainable Energy Solutions

1. With every successful referral, you'll get 100 EcoCredits for every successful sign-up referral; when your referred-in friend makes a first purchase within 30 days, you'll get 6% of the order value in cash! Plus, the top referrer will also get a DELTA MAX free!

2. Your friends will get a 5% off coupon for all products.

3. The Referrer's unique referral link may not be shared, sold, or used in any way except by the Referrer alone to obtain Qualified Referrals; Referrers are limited to one (1) Qualified Referral for each Referred Customer; in other words, additional/repeat purchases made by a Referred Customer are not counted as additional Qualified Referrals. Referral links shared to or obtained through other sources (such as through a posting to a third-party intermediary or website) will not be honoured.

4. If the referrer and referee share an IP/device, only the referred person gets a reward.EcoFlow may prohibit a Referrer from participating in the programme or receiving a Credit or Reward, in EcoFlow's sole discretion, if EcoFlow determines that such Referrer is attempting to undermine the fairness, integrity, or legitimate operation of the programme in any way by cheating, hacking, deception, or any other unfair playing practices or intending to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other Referrers or any representatives of EcoFlow.

Double EcoCredits

1. During the event, products purchased in the Double EcoCredits module on this event page can enjoy a Double-point reward.

2. You must log in to your EcoCredits account first and ensure it's the same email as the one you placed an order with. If you haven't registered yet, you can sign up for a free account.

3. If a return is initiated, EcoCredits will be withdrawn.

5% discount coupon when purchasing over 2 accessories

- Accessories promotion is open to everyone, you don't need to log in to your EcoCredits account.

- The coupon code name is MEMBER04. You can check the code name on the event page regarding the Accessories promotion part as well.

- The coupon will be issued on April 8th and is only valid for the encore period of the "EcoCredits Day 2024" event: 8 April 2024,1:00 PM (AEDT) - 22 April 2024, 11:00 PM (AEST).

Power Consumption Data

Power consumption data taken from 1 million users was collected from the EcoFlow app as of March 12, 2024, at 23:59:59(AEDT).

Order-related data was collected until March 24, 2024 (AEDT). Device-usage data (Generated, stored, and used electricity) was collected from June 1, 2023, 0:00 to March 24, 2024, 0:00 (AEDT).

The formula for calculating carbon emissions: carbon emissions = 0.86 lb/kWh × cumulative power generation.


- The estimated delivery time is 3-7 business days, and there may be potential delays due to various factors.

- Please note that if your order contains multiple items, your package may be delivered separately by different logistics companies.


1. If you encounter any problems during the promotion, please contact for assistance.

2. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may decide to modify these rules or cancel the promotion at any time. If there is any fraud or abuse related to the promotion, we reserve the right to exclude any customer from the promotion.

3. Participants in the sale agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein and understand that EcoFlow's decisions are final and binding. No correspondence or appeals will be entertained. EcoFlow reserves the right to make the final and ultimate interpretation of this campaign

4. During the sale promotion, all orders must comply with EcoFlow's purchase agreement and return policy.

5. The sale promotion is not applicable to wholesale or distributor orders

6. Any unauthorised or fraudulent behaviour will result in the disqualification of participants

7. Participants must comply with all applicable laws and regulations

8. EcoFlow reserves the right to stop, cancel, or change the promotion at any time during the promotion. Any changes will be announced on the EcoFlow official website.

9. All prizes in this promotion are limited in quantity and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Any matters not covered herein will be handled according to EcolFlow's final interpretation

10. EcoFlow will assume no responsibility for late entries, which may occur for any reason, including but not limited to network transmission failure.

11. EcoFlow will not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses or damages incurred by any party, including the participants, in connection with, or arising from acts or omissions, or any way related to this campaign.

12. Participants agree to release and discharge EcoFlow from any liabilities and claims, including breach of contract, tort, negligence, or any other cause of action at law or equity, arising out of or in any way connected to this campaign or the participant's entry into the campaign.