Smart Home Panel

The heart of the home backup system.

Seamlessly integrates with your home and the DELTA Pro ecosystem to offer continuous emergency backup power, lower energy bills, and independence from the grid.
3.6 - 25kWh
Backup System
Your Energy
Power Independence
Up to
7200W AC Output
Customize Each Connected Circuit
3.6kWh - 25kWh Capacity
Free yourself from
the grid.

Prepare your home for short - term blackouts with
EcoFlow’s Smart Home Panel and a 3.6kWh DELTA Pro.

Or free yourself from the grid completely and expand your system to an industry-beating capacity of 25kWh. Include up to 2 DELTA Pros, Extra Batteries, and Smart Generators in your network, using portable solar panels to recharge.
3.6kWh - 25kWh Capacity
Up to 7200W Output
Power your
entire home.
With up to 7200W* to play with, the Smart Home Panel runs almost every device in your home.Keep even your large items like water heaters and dryers running with 240V AC power.
AC Output
*Using 2 DELTA Pros
Solar charging
Backup your home
with solar.
Prepare your home for an unexpected power outage with renewable solar energy.Chain together portable solar panels to get a whopping 1600W. That’s enough to charge a DELTA Pro or Extra Battery in 2.8-5.6 hours. Connect up to two 1600W panel arrays to support your home backup system.
Fast Switchover Speed
The Smart Home Panel has your whole home covered with up to 10 individual power circuits.So when the grid goes down, every connected room in your house has power.
Plus, with
a quick 20ms switchover time , you won’t even notice the power was off.
Smart Energy Management
Take charge anywhere.
Take power management to the next level
with the EcoFlow app and monitor your Smart Home Panel wherever you go.
Visualize real-time energy reports to better understand and customize your power consumption.
With a few screen taps,schedule charging, set circuit priority,and go completely off-grid.
Store Power for Peak Hours
Save on
energy costs.
Lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint with solar energy.
Avoid the grid during peak hours by powering your home using the Smart Home Panel and DELTA Pro Ecosystem. When no one’s home, charge DELTA Pro and its Extra Batteries using solar panels or the grid.
Total daily electricity cost
Cost (R)
Off-Peak R
Off-Peak R
Total electricity cost(R)- without DELTA Pro
Total electricity cost(R)- with 2*DELTA Pro+4*Extra battery/grid
Total electricity cost(R)- with 2*DELTA Pro+4*Extra battery/solar panels
Safety features and alerts
Instantly see your
power status.
With a multitude of built-in safety features, the Smart Home Panel keeps you and your family
safe at
all times.
A smart lock prevents the panel door from opening while the power is live and alerts when the panel is accessed unexpectedly.
Use the indicator lights to check up on working status.
Emergency stop the power supply using Power Stating Pause.
Modular Design
Customize your.
With a plug-and-play design, the DELTA Pro portable home battery ecosystem easily integrates with your home using the Smart Home Panel.
Need more power?
Simply add a DELTA Pro, Extra Batteries, and Smart Generators* whenever you want.
*Up to 2 x DELTA Pros, 2 x Extra Batteries and 2 Smart Generators.
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