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March 27 - April 20
April 3 - 9
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What is EcoCredits Program?
EcoCredits Program: The Ultimate EcoFlow Experience
The EcoCredits rewards program is set up by EcoFlow as a way to give back to every EcoFlow lover. We offer the ultimate benefits, excellent services, and latest updates to our members. Being an EcoCredits member, you are on top of the latest power trends and invited to a variety of special events.
The Ultimate Benefits
Earn EcoCredits and exchange for exclusive rewards every time you shop
- Exclusive discounts
- Referral program
- $1 spent = 1 EcoCredit, redeem EcoCredits for coupons and gifts
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The Excellent Service
Quality shopping experience
- Warranty registration
- 24/7 support (chat and email)
- Trade-in program
The Latest Updates
Be the first to get EcoFlow news and product information
- Early access to new products
- Offline events
- Community discussions
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How to earn EcoCredits?
Create an account and get a 500 point reward.
Shop to earn, every $1 spent = 1x EcoCredit.
Earn up to 1,000 EcoCredits for completing your profile.
Earn up to 1,000 EcoCredits for registering a product.
How to use EcoCredits?
Redeem for coupons
Redeem for gifts
Redeem for invitations to fan events
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Sign up and stay tuned for EcoCredits Day!
Collect EcoCredits on every order. Redeem for coupons and gifts. Get the chance to join product tests and win free new products.